FAQ's About Giving

Why do we give?
Do we have to give?

Giving is a cornerstone of the Christian faith. In fact, we work to have something to give, not just enough for ourselves. Ephesians 4:28b

Jesus takes it far past giving from what we have left at the end of the month. He describes how we are stewards of God's resources and how we are to partner with him in distributing and managing those resources. Giving is the first financial transaction of the month not the last.

We give because it is a demonstration of our trust being in God and not money. Giving keeps us trusting him and focused on relationship with him.

In the Old Testament Law there were a load of things we had to do. If we didn't do them we broke the law and had to sacrifice to pay for the sin of breaking the law. Today, we live under a new covenant and Jesus has paid the price for sin and fulfilled the requirement of the law for us. However, the law is still good. Many of the things in the law Jesus goes far beyond and raises the bar.


With giving he now calls us stewards. So instead of us having to give 10% like we did under the law, now its all God's and to engage in a relationship with Him, trust Him and ask where he wants it.


He doesn't want us giving out of legalism, or compulsion, he wants us giving out of relationship as his stewards. 

How much do we give?
Where do we give?

If we are giving out of relationship and an ongoing dialogue with God acting as stewards of his resources then the how much becomes a little less important as we trust that he will provide for our needs whatever he is asking us to give. The question itself implies that God we will not have enough.


"Personally, as I have started giving from relationship instead of duty, I have found that I have given far more than when I was just giving 10%. I have found it has deepened my relationship and trust with God, and through it all we have never wanted for anything"

In the Old Testament we see a model of bringing 10% of your increase into the house - a tithe. The local church is God's vehicle for bringing change to the world, it is his bride and what he is coming back for. Resourcing its mission is close to God's heart. Acting as a steward of his resources, engaging in a relationship with him will see you giving to the things he values.


God may lead you to give above that to a special project, another ministry, and missions around the world.


God may lead you to give above that to individuals.


And to lead a life of generosity guided by him.