FOR AGES 13 - 18


A weekday evening
A dynamic service specifically for youth aged 13 - 18 years. This is church for youth.
TBD,  Sai Kung
Our Vision
We see a generation of young people who are unfolding their identity in God and live powerfully understanding that they are children of God.
We see young people who thrive in life, whose friendships and in time, marriages will be strong, healthy and successful.
We see young people living in the abundant life that Jesus has called us to, making wise decisions and having a firm foundation rooted in relationship with God. 
We see a generation of young people who understand the beauty and purpose of work, and who they have been made to be.
We see a generation of world changers who believe they can impact this world for good.
We see young people pursuing the heart of God above everything else.
What happens at DYC?
This truly is church for youth. Our Fridays are inspiring, thought provoking moments where young people can gather together worship God, address important issues, ask questions and discover the adventure of living life with God. Talks are done in an exciting dynamic 18 minute TED style. Speakers will be live on stage and also live streamed in from around the world. We also want to leave space for God to move and for our youth to be able to learn how to minister to each other. We want them to understand about healing, prophecy, hearing from God and so much more.
  • Hangout Time & Food
  • Worship
  • Group Discussion
  • 18 min TED style talk
  • Worship through music and space for God to Move
How do I get involved?
Any one is welcome to join Destiny Youth Church. If you are planning on coming please let us know by filling out the form below and we will be in touch, or, you can just turn up. For first timers we'll meet you before hand and connect you with people in the same age group.

Thanks! Message sent.

What about Sundays?
At Destiny Church we are passionate about seeing our young people grow and get given responsibility. It is our heart that young people will be engaged and serving within the church. Some will be part of the tech teams, worship teams and other service teams. Some will assist the Children's Church leaders and mentor the young ones. 
We believe giving responsibility and discipleship through experience is one of the most valuable things that can be given to our youth. Each one of them is incredible and in a few short years will be setting off into the world. It is our job now to disciple them, see them thriving and living strong, stepping into everything God has for them.
At Destiny Church we believe in dreaming big and impacting the world. "You only have one life so make it a life worth living" (Andrew Owen), and it is that vision and belief to make a great difference which we want to impart to all those who are part of Destiny Youth Church.